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Travelling by bus and train

Some of these phrases will be necessary if you are travelling by bus or train. Also included are the signs you might see at stations.

At the bus or train station

where's the ticket office?
where are the ticket machines?
what time's the next bus to …?
what time's the next train to …?
can I buy a ticket on the bus?
can I buy a ticket on the train?
how much is a … to London?
first class single
first class return
I'd like a … to Bristol
child single
child return
senior citizens' single
senior citizens' return
first class single
first class return
are there any reductions for off-peak travel?
when would you like to travel?
when will you be coming back?
I'd like a return to …, coming back on Sunday
which platform do I need for …?
is this the right platform for …?
where do I change for …?
you'll need to change at …
can I have a timetable, please?
how often do the buses run to …?
how often do the trains run to …?
I'd like to renew my season ticket, please
the next train to arrive at Platform 2 is the 16.35 to Doncaster
Platform 11 for the 10.22 to Guildford
the next train to depart from Platform 5 will be the 18.03 service to Penzance
the train's running late
the train's been cancelled

On the bus or train

does this bus stop at …?
Trafalgar Square
does this train stop at …?
could I put this in the hold, please?
could you tell me when we get to …?
the university
could you please stop at …?
the airport
is this seat free?
is this seat taken?
do you mind if I sit here?
tickets, please
all tickets and railcards, please
could I see your ticket, please?
I've lost my ticket
what time do we arrive in …?
what's this stop?
what's the next stop?
this is my stop
I'm getting off here
is there a buffet car on the train?
do you mind if I open the window?
we are now approaching London Kings Cross
this train terminates here
all change, please
please take all your luggage and personal belongings with you
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